CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.4

WebMail: Notes

The CommuniGate Pro WebUser Interface allows you to manage your Notes.

Notes are texts with subjects and, optionally, attached files. The standard RFC822 ("mail message") format is used to present the Notes information, providing compatibility with all standard-based groupware clients, and with Microsoft Windows groupware applications including Microsoft Outlook (via the MAPI Connector component).

Notes Mailboxes

Notes Mailboxes ("folders") can be created in your Account using the WebUser Interface or a MAPI client application (such as Microsoft Outlook). These Mailboxes appear on the Mailboxes page. Click on a Notes-type Mailbox name to open the Notes list.

Main Notes Mailbox

You can have several Notes-type Mailboxes in your Account, but only one of those Mailboxes is assigned the role of the Main Notes Mailbox. When you create a new Note and do not specify explicitly where to store it, the Note is stored in the Main Notes Mailbox.

Creating Notes Mailboxes

To create a Notes-type Mailbox, open the Mailboxes page and select the Notes value in the Create pop-up menu. Type the name of the Notes Mailbox you want to create, and click the Create button:


Notes List Browsing

You can browse a Notes Mailbox by clicking its name (link) on the Mailboxes page.

The Notes folder is displayed in the same format as a regular mail Mailbox, but only the Subject and Date columns are displayed.

Creating and Editing Notes

Click the New Note link to create a new Note item. The page used to compose a Note is a modification of the E-mail composing page.

The Note Composing page contains only the Subject header field.

To edit an already created Note, open it and click the Edit Note link.

Notes Settings

The Settings pages allow you to specify the Notes Options.

You can specify the name of your Main Notes Mailbox:

Settings: Compose
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Folders Notes Mailbox

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