Case Studies

S&I: UFI, Tokyo Japan (Japanese)

Case Study [Japanese]:

A) Background:

  • End of life cycle legacy PBX.
  • Plan of office move.

B) Reason for deciding on uniConnect Cloud:

  • Stable and high quality of voice conversation using cellular network.
  • Number portability makes it possible to continue using telephone prefix of 03 and office telephone number anywhere despite getting rid of phone systems in the office.
  • Mobile device brand/make agnostic remote wipe.

C) Results after deploying uniConnect Cloud:

  • With deployment of uniConnect Cloud FMC features, significant decrease in the number of incoming calls asswered by other employees.
  • Not having to manage PBX systems each time when there are new hires, employee departure, etc.

S&I: uniConnect Cloud for BroadBand Tower, Tokyo Japan (Japanese)

Case Study [Japanese]:

A) Background:

  • Free seatings for employees. Employees can sit anywhere. Biz can be handled anywhere.
  • Made iPhone key communication tool in the company.

B) Reason for deciding on uniConnect Cloud:

  • Ability to pick up calls within the group made it no longer necessary to have fixed phone lines.
  • PBX cloud made installation of PBX and other systems and managing unnecessary.

C) Results after deploying uniConnect Cloud:

  • Incoming/outgoing calls and call transfers were easily realized with iPhone.
  • No matter where employee is, the person can be easily and quickly reached.

Efficiency in communication

Air Co. Ltd
Case study by Air Co.: Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation's Secure Mail for Cloud for Enterprise Market
Case Study [Japanese]

Air Co. Ltd
Case study by Air Co.: Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation's A-Cloud Mail for Educational Market
Case Study [Japanese]

S&I: For Toyota Digital Cruise, solutions were provided by S&I and systems integration handled by NEC Systems Integration

Case Study [Japanese]:

Toyota Digital Cruise, is IT subsidiary of Toyota Motors Corporation.

A) Challenges:

  • Irrespective of location, there was a need to seamlessly integrate PBX/Skype and voice with unified communications.
  • Old and end of life cycle PBX system
  • Unnecessary work interruption/dissatisfaction by female employees in having to pick up calls for someone else in the office/group
  • Flexibly meet tele-work employees
  • High operating cost by supplying mobile devices to all employees

B) Objectives:

  • One phone number assigned to employees regardless of location and mobile devices. Company would need to get rid of fixed desk for each individual.
  • Maximize use of MS Skype's communication tools
  • Reduce/eliminate high operating cost of supplying mobile phones to employees by adopting BYOD

C) Result:

  • Because each employee is assigned his own phone number calls can be directly routed to the individual regardless of his location or department, thus increasing work efficiency/productivity by employees.
  • Implementation of free seating by employees (employees do not have a fixed desk as he can do work from any desk, any place).
  • Allowing BYOD by employees has significantly reduced administration and operating expense.

S&I uniConnect features

S&I: Sapporo Dome, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Case Study [Japanese]:

A) Backround

  • Need to replace legacy PBX
  • Need for secure method for deploying BYOD
  • Need to improve work efficiency

B) Reason for Deployment:

  • Need to display office phone number on incoming/outgoing calls from mobile devices
  • Automatic billing separating work related calls from private calls
  • Display of original caller phone number on mobile devices even when calls are routed via one's office pbx
  • Improving security management on address book
  • Seamless integration of intra-office calls with mobile devices

C) Result from deploying uniConnect

  • Made mobile device becoms part of an extention of biz phone: reduction in the need for other workers to pick up incoming calls for other employees.
  • Increase in worker's satisfaction by using one's favorite mobile device for work yet not disclosing one's personal phone number.
  • BYOD: eliminate/reduction in monthly phone expenditures since company does not have to furnish mobile devices to employees.

Case Study by S&I on: System Service Co. Ltd., Tokyo Japan
Case Study [Japanese]

Air Co. Ltd
Case study by Air Co.: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Case Study [Japanese]

Answer VAD and
Unidata chose to work with Answer VAS and CommuniGate Systems's CommuniGate Pro primarily because of its reputation. It provides them with greatly improved performance and monitoring capabilities, compared to other solutions on the market. "The current migration of users to CommuniGate Pro is a first step to test the real Unified Communications", says Roberto Venerucci Unidata SpA CEO, "The satisfaction of our customers is our best reward and we are really interested in exploring the potential of the total CommuniGate Pro solution."
Case Study

Answer VAD and ENEA in Antarctica
CommuniGate Systems and Answer VAD deliver robust, efficient e-mail solutions to ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) in Antarctica.
"Our confidence in the potential of CommuniGate Pro led us to choose it in such an extreme situation as the mission in Antarctica", said Piero Angelo Cavoli of the Antarctic Technical Unit of ENEA , "Where reliability and secure communications is of utmost importance, it simply could not be questioned."
Case Study

"With the implementation of CommuniGate Pro I was able to reduce the cost of managing our email service by at least 5,000 euro per year, and have removed the need for an external services partner to run the servers. But the most important thing is that now I can independently manage CommuniGate Pro with internal staff and respond quickly to customer requests! This allows me to plan growth of services without having to think about hiring new staff immediately."
Mr Mirco Morello, Chief Executive Officer, MACCOM
Case Study

S&I UniConnect II
CommuniGate Systems' partner in Japan, S&I, have used the CommuniGate Pro platform and open APIs to develop a fixed-mobile-convergent (FMC) solutions called uniConnect, for the iPhone/iPad and Android devices. S&I deployed uniConnect with Kyoritsu Sasshi Corporation, Japan to help them improve their corporate business communications capabilities.
The application is aimed at enterprise users, enabling them to extend their office PBX functionality to mobile devices. uniConnect is revolutionary, offering one mobile device for personal and biz use with separate billing. With uniConnect mobile devices become an office extension for both in and outbound calls; displaying of office number for outbound calls and the originating caller ID for incoming calls via corporate IP PBX. uniConnect devices, also offers calls hold, call transfer, group park pickup, security features such as remote wipe by end user via and IVR interface.
Case Study by S&I on: Sunnet KK, Kanagawa Pref. Japan [Japanese]

Deutsche Telekom ICSS
Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions use CommuniGate Pro and Pronto! to help telecom carriers deliver value added communications applications in the Cloud model. Dr Ulrich Hammerschmidt and Steve Donald talk about how they deliver to both carriers and communities in this CommuniGate Systems video case study.

AppRiver relies on CommuniGate Pro as the platform to deliver UC as SaaS for Small to Medium Enterprises.
Case Study

One of the Top-250 largest retailers worldwide, rated by Deloitte, offers a VoIP prepaid service based on CommuniGate Pro. Within only 3 months two new Value Added Service (VAS) applications for the end user were designed: a web-client and a desktop client.
Case Study

The mobile communications company discovers secure and stable communications platform in CommuniGate Pro.
Case Study

ANL Container Lines
CommuniGate Pro delivers the complete communications package for ANL Container Lines.
Case Study

UKIP Media and Events
CommuniGgate Pro VoIP solution revolutionises international communications capability for leading global events company.
Case Study

Scuola Normale Superiore
CommuniGate Pro earns a Degree of respect from Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy.
Case Study

McNaughton Newspapers
CommuniGate Pro connects California reporters.
Case Study

Abingdon School
Abingdon boarding schools takes pride in implementing the finest technology for their students.
Case Study

Recruit Agent
Recruit Agent, the top ranking employment recruitment firm in Japan, is ready to handle communications traffic.
Case Study

Crystal Geyser
CommuniGate Pro is the unified communications solution that Crystal Geyser was looking for.
Case Study

SGCA Mercedes Martinique
CommuniGate Pro provides SGCA Mercedes with reliable forms of Internet Communications.
Case Study

British Airways
British Airways empowers employees with corporate e-mail via CommuniGate Pro.
Case Study

Nesma Internet Network
Nesma offers business class broadband connectivity, networking services, and wireless connectivity solutions in the Middle East.
Case Study

Cable Wireless Barbados
CommuniGate Pro and Cloudmark help Cable & Wireless Protect Island Communicators from Messaging Abuse.
Case Study is the largest, most active medical network in the United Kingdom. Created by doctors, for doctors, it is now the most popular, trusted medical channel enabling communications to and between doctors, all day, every day.
Case Study

Gritman Medical Center
CommuniGate Pro, “provided all the functionality that we wanted at a reasonable price.”
Case Study

"... With CommuniGate Pro we have ended up with not only a phone system, but also a sophisticated VoIP platform, all for the same cost. It’s everything we expected and more - lots more.”
Case Study

Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas (MANA)
Security and Reliability of CommuniGate Pro keeps Doctors Operating.
Case Study

Versature offers with CommuniGate Pro a complete suite of IP PBX services to SMBs.
Case Study

Politecnico di Torino
Politecnico di Torino turned to CommuniGate Pro to handle their emal systems for a number of reasons.
Case Study

Tario, the leader in the Russian VoIP industry, currently hosts over 60 million minutes of phone calls and messages...
Case Study

Sentech LTD
Sentech's signal distribution network forms the backbone of broadcasting in South Africa.
Case Study

To ISH NRW GmbH, the largest cable net provider in the North Rhine Westphalia region of Germany, the most beneficial...
Case Study

ESSEC Business Schools
Essec Business School takes campus communications beyond email and into VoIP.
Case Study

Columbia University
Columbia University relies on CommuniGate Pro with Groupware to provide reliable and secure email.
Case Study

Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI)
CommuniGate Pro enables CHORI to meet the diverse requirements of their researchers with one robust platform.
Case Study Portal
Universal Communication Platform AG (ucp), a pioneer in the field of the mobile Internet, brings non-voice communications.
Case Study

China Unicom
CommuniGate Systems, the technology leader in messaging solutions, today announced that China Unicom, a leading...
Case Study

MegaPath Networks Inc.
Business-class broadband access and network services provider supports mega growth with CommuniGate Pro.
Case Study

Lakota Local School District
The decision came down to Microsoft Exchange® versus CommuniGate Systems' CommuniGate Pro.
Case Study

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (TELKOM)
Leading telecommunications provider in Indonesia offers advanced messaging services while keeping up with demand.
Case Study