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CommuniGate Pro is the best platform to develop Web or Mobile applications because you only need to deal with one single API and it uses XML expressions. You do not need to know anything about messy protocols like SIP or SMS or Encryption, but you can do literally anything when it comes to communications.

Even better, we enable WebRTC development with the most extensive set of features, all in a compact server that can run on a Windows Desktop or Mac Mini. You can move over to Linux or Unix with a snap. We try to make development as easy as possible, and offer developers support and free software.


You can get the server on our FTP and it is unlocked for 5 users and you are free to use it in the lab on as many servers as you like, and if you need more contact us!

If you are developing in HTML5 and WebRTC we have everything you need to get started today, and deploy apps in hours. Some of the features we provide:

  • WebRTC enabled video and voice signaling
  • NAT traversal with STUN services
  • Media transcoding
  • Encryption
  • Media proxies
  • SMS with SMPP support
  • B2BUA with open source code
  • Core services for Video/Voice call setup and tear down, email, calendar, SMS, File management with links & encryption

1. XIMSS API Documentation

XIMSS is our API for Web & Mobile Development. It stands for the "XML Interface for Messaging, Scheduling, and Signaling". This API allows Web and Mobile developers to use any service without having to know super complex protocols like XMPP or SIP.
The API uses a single TCP socket and is smart too, allowing you to run bi-directional streams over an HTTP session for enhanced mobile performance. Call setup, tear down, SMS, email, chat, Video and Voice, file management and ACL controls are all services you can call over the API with simple XML expressions.

2. Programming Environment CG/PL

The CG/PL language is simple and elegant allowing applications to be rapidly deployed in the single server or Dynamic Cluster environment. The platform takes care of the memory management and shared tasks. All the developer needs to do is script just like they would in javascipt.

3. Opensource Applications & Samples

Email, IM, Calendaring with Mobile Push, Desktop and Web Clients

Built for VPS providers, the cPanel adaptor provides exceptional features with remarkable performance and reliability, without the need for external servers or hardware! Everything runs on the VPS server with no loss of performance.

Features for end users:

Powerful hosting provider features include:

Benefits for service providers:

Powered By CommuniGate Pro

Powered by CommuniGate Pro, the industry's only single-vendor Unified Communications solution. Unlike other solutions, CommuniGate Pro does not require third party software, licenses or external databases. This means CommuniGate Pro outperforms when it comes to features, reliability, cost-efficiency and hardware usage.

4. Performance Metrics & Benchmarks

CommuniGate Pro is the worlds most powerful server, holding all known performance records by credible sources including the SPEC ORG. It does this with the most efficiency, running on any platform with 100% change management uptime. Below is information about our benchmarks and the Dynamic Cluster.