CommuniGate Pro implements an IM/Presence (CPIM) system, merging both the XMPP and SIP models. This system is linked with other CommuniGate Pro components - Rules engine, File Storage, etc.

Users can connect to their CommuniGate Pro Accounts using any XMPP and/or SIP CPIM client, or a XIMSS client, such as the Pronto! Unified client.

CommuniGate Pro allows its users to exchange IM and Presence information with users of other systems.

It communicates with those systems (servers) using the XMPP and/or SIP protocols, and it can communicate with proprietary CPIM networks (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, etc.) using XMPP-based gateways.

CommuniGate Pro can send and receive IM messages as SMS messages, using its SMPP module. The module "dialog" feature allows SMS recipients to send replies which are delivered as Instant Messages.

Multi-user "chatrooms" and other applications are implemented as CG/PL programs, and can be easily customized.