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The CommuniGate Pro architecture - is a totally unified multi-threaded core for all services; unlike competitive approaches that integrate several process and/or servers. This approach allows us to communicate more efficiently between threads and share memory to lower resource requirements while delivering optimal speed and performance. CommuniGate Pro holds all world recognized records (Spec Bench among others) due to our unique architecture.

The CommuniGate Pro platform is open platform environment with rich API’s for developers to enhance or extend additional functions of e-mail, instant messaging and VoIP processing using the built in development language CG/PL.

The functions and features of the platform CommuniGate Pro

1. IP telephony

2. Instant Messaging and Chat

3. Web, mobile and desktop e-mail

4. Contacts and Address books

5. Collaboration, scheduling and Calendars

6. Storing and sharing files

7. Interaction with Microsoft products