CommuniGate Pro is the most advanced E-mail server on the market. It exchanges E-mail with all other Internet E-mail servers using the SMTP protocol and its extensions, and it provides access to Account mailboxes via POP, IMAP, MAPI, and AirSync protocols.

Users can also work with their E-mails via the built-in customizable WebUser Interface (WebMail), the Pronto! Flash-based Unified client, and via other clients utilizing the XIMSS protocol.

CommuniGate Pro Automated Rules provide an extensive set of automatic "reactions" to incoming messages - auto-replies, mailbox sorting, IM and SMS notifications, etc.

The E-mail Queue subsystem processes all E-mail messages. It can scan them using a variety of anti-spam and anti-virus engines which run as separate processes.

The SMTP module implements many sophisticated abuse-prevention techniques - from RBLs and delayed responses to automatic blacklisting of suspicious IP addresses.