CommuniGate Pro is the most scalable E-mail server (by the tests) and the most scalable VoIP solution (by the published tests) on the market.

Running on a medium size server hardware, the CommuniGate Pro Server can support from 10,000 to 200,000 users (depending on the usage pattern).

Partitioning ("Static Cluster") and the unique Dynamic Cluster architectures can be used to build multi-server "farms" with virtually unlimited scalability.

Many CommuniGate Pro Cluster installations all over the world serve several million users each, while the Single Service Image technology makes multi-server Clusters as easy to manage as a simple Single-Server system.

Unlike traditional "partitioning" systems, the Dynamic Cluster provides reliable service to all Accounts and their users even when several of its servers experience software or hardware failure.

The most sophisticated Dynamic Cluster and SIP Farm technologies require generic commodity server hardware, the simplest Load Balancers, and generic off-the-shelf Shared File Storage, such as NFS servers or Cluster File Systems.