CommuniGate Pro implements the standard Groupware features, such as Calendaring, Tasks, and Contacts. The Groupware data storage is integrated with the Mailbox storage, and each Account can have several Calendar-type, Tasks-type, and Contacts-type folders.

The Groupware data can be accessed and managed using a variety of client applications employing any supported groupware protocol, such as CalDAV, CardDAV, MAPI, AirSync, or XIMSS.

The Groupware data is also avaliable via the built-in customizable WebUser Interface (WebMail) and the Pronto! Unified client.

The Groupware data can be used by other CommuniGate Pro components - for example, incoming phone calls can be redirected to voicemail during the scheduled meetings, meeting alarms can be sent as reminder Instant Messages and/or SMSes, or as reminder phone calls, etc.