Many CommuniGate Pro components - such as PBX, WebMail, etc. are implemented as programs utilizing CG/PL - a JavaScript-like language. While the system comes with a large set of "standard" or "stock" applications, the CommuniGate Pro is also a robust platform to develop and deploy various Web-based, Telephony-based, E-mail and Groupware-based applications.

The CG/PL applications can access all CommuniGate Pro components and subsystems - including E-mail and Groupware storage, VoIP, File Storage, IM and Presence, Billing, and Adminstration.

Being deeply integrated into the CommuniGate Pro core, the CG/PL environment is much more effective than generic Java-based environments.

The rich XIMSS protocol provides the foundation for client-side development. Like CG/PL, XIMSS also provides access to E-mail, IM, Groupware, VoIP and many other subsystems - all via a single, XML-based protocol. The included XIMSS libraries greatly simplify communication client development. They are available for the JavaScript, Java (including Android), and Objective C (including iPhone) environments.